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Trademark Approval

Restricted Use

TO: _________________________ (Supplier)

Permission is granted for the one time use of a registered trademark of Pepperdine University for the custom order described below:

Product: ___________________________________
Number Ordered: ___________________________________
PO#: ___________________________________
Logo/Graphic ___________________________________
Ordered By: ___________________________________
Department: ___________________________________

The uses of the general trademarks of Pepperdine University are controlled under the University rules and licensing policies. Permission to use these logos and graphics for any other purpose than described above must be requested in advance from the office of Business Services or from our licensing agent, The IMG College Licensing.



IMG College Licensing
1075 Peachtree Street Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA. 30309
Phone (770) 956-0520
Fax (770) 955-4491