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Vending Services

Miscellaneous (Malibu)

For vending services in the following locations, please contact:

Christie Yamabe - Extension 4561
FMP (Facilities Management)

David Rhoades - Extension 4113
Atheletics (Firestone Fieldhouse/Gym)

Esther O'Connor - Extension 4211
CCB (Communications)

Shannon Latson - Extension 7446
ISL(International Studies and Languages)

Coke Machines
Coke/Dasani/Powerade/Minute Maid

CCB-Communications (2nd Floor) Coke Bottles
CCB-Communications (2nd Floor) Dasani Bottles
Crest Tennis Courts (outside) Coke Bottles
Cultural Arts Center Coke Bottles
Firestone Fieldhoue Gym Coke Bottles
Firestone Fieldhoue Gym Powerade
ISL (outside) Coke Bottles
ISL (outside) Coke Bottles
Smothers Theatre Coke Bottles
Special Programs Coke Bottles
Student Health Services Coke Bottles
Tennis Pavilion(outside) Coke Can

First Class Machines
Snack/Cold Food/Coffee/Ice Cream

CCB-Communications (2nd Floor) Candy/Snack
Firestone Fieldhoue Gym Candy/Snack
FMP (Facilities Mgnt and Planning) Candy/Snack
FMP (Facilities Mgnt and Planning) Cold Food
ISL Candy/Snack
Smothers Theatre Candy/Snack