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Student Programs

Overrated Lunch Book Group  RSVP: http://bit.ly/emboldened-2017


Please contact Stephanie Cupp for any questions regarding these programs and applications.

Click Here to view videos and websites from some of the past student grant and internship projects supported by the Center for Faith and Learning

Ministry Internships

The Center for Faith and Learning partners with the Religion Division for this program which provides students with funding for supervised ministry internships. The Religion Division Internship Coordinator ensures that students have a valuable educational and mentoring experience with their on-site supervisors, while the Center provides funding for student's living expenses.

First Year Seminar Reading Assignment

The Center for Faith and Learning provides a reading and journal assignment to all incoming first year students to help them focus on the question of vocation. By vocation, we do not mean "career." Rather, we mean "calling." Click here to view the First Year Student Reading Assignment.