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Pepperdine | Community

University Spiritual Life Committee Members

Falon Barton, Campus Minister, University Church of Christ

Sara Barton, Chaplain

John Barton, Director of the Center for Faith and Learning

Sharon Beard, Dean of Students

Jay Brewster, Provost (Co-Chair)

Kindalee Delong, Professor of Religion, Associate dean of Seaver College, Seaver 200 Advisory Committee, Seaver College

Rick Gibson, Senior Vice Chancellor

Judy Ho, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Connie Horton, Vice President for Student Affairs

Sara Jackson, Chancellor

Jason Jarvis, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Assistant Professor of Law and Practice, Caruso School of Law

Emily Milnes, Director of Recruitment and Program Relations, School of Public Policy

Tim Perrin, Senior Vice President for Strategic Implementation (Co-Chair)

Sean Mike Phillips, Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Associate Vice President, Business Services

Daniel Rodriguez, Divisional Dean of Religion and Philosophy, Seaver College

Jeff Walling, Director, Youth Leadership Initiative

Eric Wilson, Lead Minister, University Church of Christ

Robert Woodcock, Spiritual Life Officer, Graziadio Business School