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Pepperdine Committee on Student Veterans


The mission of the Pepperdine Committee on Student Veterans (PCSV) is to provide an organizational structure for those students, staff members, and faculty who are concerned about and involved with student-veterans at Pepperdine University. There are currently twenty-four members of the PCSV and of these eight are veterans. The Committee meets at least once each semester with an invited speaker and also co-sponsors a major on-campus event for all Pepperdine veterans and their families. In the fall, this is an annual dinner close to Veterans' Day and in the spring the Department of Athletics and Baseball Team host a Veterans' Day at the Ballpark.


Committee Members 2017-2018

  • Dan Caldwell, Seaver Professor; Veteran, PCSV Chair
  • Jeff Baker, SOL, Director of Clinical Education and the Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Veterans Project at Pepperdine
  • April Brickell, GSBM Recruitment Manager for Full-Time Programs
  • Rick Carroll, Support Services, Facilities Management; Veteran; American Legion
  • Jessica Cheng, Director, GSBM Career Management Center
  • Michael Folkerts, Seaver Professor; Researcher on Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Allessondra Goble, Seaver Transfer Admissions Director
  • Andrea Harris, Senior Director, Student Administrative Services-Academic Advising
  • Sandra Harrison, Director, Office of Student Accessibility
  • Richard Herko, GSBM Professor, Veteran
  • Michael Hom, SOL, Assistant Dean for Career Development, Veteran
  • Sheila King, Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Hung Le, Registrar; Ahmanson Veterans Scholarship Initiative
  • Tomas Martinez, Seaver and GSEP Professor, mental health therapist
  • Travis McAllister, GSBM Recruitment Manager, Full-Time Programs
  • Asa Miller, President of Seaver Student Veterans Club, Veteran
  • Luis Murillo, President, Graziadio Veterans Business Society, Veteran
  • Kenneth B. Murphy, Director, GSBM Career Counseling, Veteran
  • Bryan Reeder, Associate Registrar working with student veterans
  • Stacy Rothberg, Seaver Associate Dean of Students
  • Lucas Saucedo, Seaver OneStop, Registrar's Office
  • Robert Shearer, Seaver Business Professor, Veteran
  • Sara Turki, Registrar's Office working on veterans' certification
  • Desiree Williams, GSBM, Corporate Account Executive
  • Jeffrey Williams, Counseling Center
  • Jennifer Wilson, Senior Associate Director, Seaver Financial Assistance Office