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Flash Reports

View themes identified in Advancement of Student Learning Council's program review reports from each year.


  ASLC Program Review Themes: 2022-2023
ASLC Flash Report 2022-2023

Download the PDF for 2022-2023

Programs Reviewed

14 Total

  • 2 Graduate School of Education and Psychology
  • 5 International Studies and Languages
  • 7 Natural Sciences


Noted Themes

  • Strong faculty committment to positively impact student experiences
  • Data-driven curriculum changes
  • National recognition by external accrediting entities regarding program standards


Areas for Growth

  • Increase collaboration across programs to capture and maximize resources and encourage other high-quality practices
  • Increase outreach to alumni
  • Strengthen attention to faculty and staff professional development


Action Items

  • Increase opportunities for faculty to demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments through service or scholarship
  • Support increased coordination and collaboration across academic programs
  • Develop cocurricular learning opportunities through service programs to build community partnerships


  ASLC Program Review Themes: 2021-2022


ASLC Flash Report 2021-2022 graphic

Download the PDF for 2021-2022


Programs Reviewed

18 Total

  • 1 Caruso School of Law
  • 16 Graziadio Business School
  • 1 Student Affairs


Noted Themes

  • Increase in quality of program reviews from previous years
  • Emerging emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in some programs
  • Demonstrated responsiveness to student suggestions for program changes

All 18 program reviews met the standard and were accepted with no revisions


Areas for Growth

  • Strengthen co-curricular offerings in many programs
  • Clarify how budgets align with program recruitment and sustainability
  • Attract greater diversity in students and faculty for many programs
  • Establish data priorities to streamline data collection and usage
  • Revisit and strengthen PLOs using higher level verbs


Action Items

  • Consistency: Ensure consistency in using the new program review format and annual reports
  • Modality: Address how online program PLOs might be redefined/refined to reflect modality similarities and differences