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University Athletics Committee

The University Athletics Committee (UNAC) monitors the policies of Pepperdine Athletics to ensure their consistency with University policies, goals, and mission. This includes, but is not limited to, consultative and advisory engagement in the matter of programs and facilities on the Malibu campus as well as compliance with federal, state, and NCAA regulations. UNAC consults the President, the Athletics Director, and the University Planning Committee on matters related to or concerning Pepperdine Athletics.



Committee Membership

  • Jennifer Harriger, Chair
  • Don Shores, Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Lee Kats, Additional Administrative Member
  • Sunnie Delano, Seaver Faculty
  • Alicia Jessop, Seaver Faculty
  • Chris Doran, Seaver Faculty
  • Marilyn Misch, Seaver Faculty
  • Dean Baim, Seaver Faculty
  • Jeffery Williams, Seaver Staff
  • Maureen Weston, CSOL Faculty
  • Paul Gift, PGBS Faculty
  • Mark Roosa, Dean of Libraries
  • Stephen Potts, Director of Athletics
  • Karina Herold, Deputy Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator
  • Amanda Kurtz, Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Krista Lopata, Alumna/Athletics Chaplain
  • Michael Wexler, Student-Athlete
  • Allie O'Hara, Student-Athlete
  • Tim Zeitvogel, Student-Athlete
  • Cori Persinger, Student-Athlete