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Professional Growth Activities


Faculty members are expected to stay abreast of current developments in their discipline and in their areas of expertise. Faculty members are also encouraged to expand their areas of expertise and specialization. To this end, insofar as possible, the Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) will attempt to support and facilitate the Professional Growth Activities (PGA) of its faculty.

Three broad categories of PGA are recognized by GSEP:

  • attendance at professional meetings
  • continuing education
  • research/scholarly activities

To the extent possible, GSEP funds will be made available to help defray part or all of the costs associated with PGA.

Each year, the Dean allocates a pool of money for professional growth activities, and the Associate Deans review proposals from faculty members for the use of PGA funds. Proposals reflecting the agreed upon annual goals of the faculty member receive the highest priority. In the above-identified broad categories of professional growth, reimbursed expenditures could include any one or combination of the following:

  1. Travel, lodging, and per diem costs when attending professional meetings and conferences either locally or nationally.
  2. Registration and/or tuition fees for attending conferences, seminars, institutes or workshops at local or national levels.
  3. Travel costs related to conducting research/scholarly activities not covered by other University or grant budgets.

Support for attendance at professional meetings required for program administration, or as part of an officer's or board member's responsibilities within a professional association, may be allocated from the program or division budget, in addition to funds for professional growth activities. Any arrangements requiring a requisition number should be made through the Office of the Associate Dean.

Requests for PGA funding and Multicultural Professional growth should be submitted on Form-PGA and Form-MCPD.