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Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission Form

Please submit this form to request Faculty/Staff tuition benefits. The Center for Human Resources and the Financial Aid Office will confirm the employee's/dependent's eligibility each term. The Financial Aid Office will revise the amount of tuition remission each term if the student adds or drops units, affecting tuition charges.

Submit the faculty/staff tuition remission form.

In order to be eligible for tuition benefits, the student must be in one of the following categories:

  • A regular full-time member of the faculty who has been assigned a full load of teaching or equivalent service during two or more trimesters/semesters of the academic year
  • A regular full-time staff member who is continuously employed in a regular full-time position requiring at least forty (40) hours of work per week
  • The spouse of any of the above
  • A dependent son or daughter of any of the above, who is 25 years of age or younger. The child of an eligible employee will be considered a dependent when he or she is considered a dependent for federal income tax purposes