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Financial Aid WaveNet Student Account Guides

To review your Pepperdine student account activity, including detailed information about financial aid awards, to-do list items, and account activity, log into WaveNet.


Guest Access

You may grant access to certain educational and financial records to another person through the "Manage Guest Access" link in WaveNet. You can allow multiple users to have different levels of access and can adjust the access that each user has at any time. You are in control of who has access to which records. In some cases, it is necessary that you grant access to certain individuals. You will probably want the person paying your bill to have access to "Show Account Detail", "Allow Making Payments", and "Show Financial Aid" (if applicable). See information about Guest Access


Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) governs who may see your educational records. In most cases, you control access to your records. You must provide written consent for people other than those with legitimate educational needs (or other needs as defined by FERPA) to view your education-related files. Please review the complete guide to Pepperdine's Student Records Policy. Pepperdine's Student Records Release form