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Financial Wellness Resources

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial wellness as “the feeling of having financial security and financial freedom of choice, in the present and when considering the future.” Factors such as income, age, expenses, debt, and assets held all affect your financial wellness. It is important to take an accurate assessment of your finances while determining what goals you have. Some considerations for your own financial wellness may include budgeting your income and expenses each month, preparing financially for emergencies, accessing the information and tools necessary to make good financial decisions, or reviewing your retirement plan for the future. 

Pepperdine offers resources to those at different points in their financial journey, which include banking, investing, and budgeting education, direct contributions to your 403(b) plan, and available financial experts to help you prepare for retirement. In partnership with Transamerica Financial Services, we hope you can find benefit from the below resources that surround a multitude of topics including home and car buying, personal finance and budgeting, and other important financial topics.

Personal Financial Strategies

For eligible employees, Personal Financial Strategies through Benefit Services Financial Group (BFSG) provides access to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who can review your financial situation, help you clarify your financial goals and objectives, and develop a financial plan personalized to you.  Whether you want to optimize your household budget, pay off debts, plan for upcoming expenses, review your investments, or prepare for retirement, this benefit will provide you with a comprehensive plan to navigate your financial journey. 

  • Schedule an introductory meeting. Reserve an appointment with a Certified Financial Planner via Calendly, emailing, or calling (949) 955-3031. The CFP will discuss your current financial situation, goals, and objectives, as well as the documentation you will need to submit for BFSG to analyze your financial picture and develop a plan personalized to you.
  • Review your personalized financial plan. Your planner will present an individualized financial plan to you and discuss implementation and resources to help keep you on track.
  • Monitor your progress. Review your financial plan on an annual basis and make revisions as desired and at every major life event.

As fiduciaries, BFSG’s financial planners are obligated to act in your best interest and will never try to sell you insurance or financial products. For questions on utilizing this benefit with BFSG, or other financial wellness resources, please contact Human Resources.

Bank of America Banking Benefits

Because of our relationship with Bank of America, you now have special access to enroll in the Bank of America Preferred Rewards program and receive Gold tier benefits without the combined qualifying balance of $20,000. With Preferred Rewards, you'll enjoy benefits and rewards designed around the ways you save, spend and borrow with Bank of America and invest with Merrill Lynch.

Already enrolled in Preferred Rewards? You'll continue to receive the same great benefits. Learn more about the new benefits.

Here's how to get your Preferred Rewards Gold tier benefits:

  • Have a new or existing eligible Bank of America personal checking account.
  • Set up all or a portion of your Pepperdine University payroll direct deposit into an eligible checking or savings account.
  • Within 60 days after Bank of America identifies your Pepperdine University payroll direct deposit into your eligible checking or savings account, you'll be eligible to enroll in Preferred Rewards through. Online or Mobile Banking. Preferred Rewards benefits will become effective within 30 days after your enrollment.

Home Buying

  • 7 Steps for Buying a Home
    • A comprehensive how-to guide with checklists and important reminders surrounding what you need to buy a home.

Saving For Your Child's Education

Retirement-Related Materials

Recorded Transamerica Sessions