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Pepperdine Zoom Updates

Zoom logo with a golden padlock dangling from one of the O's

Dear Pepperdine Community,

We want to let you know about a couple of important updates to our Pepperdine Zoom service that will be enabled on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

First, we will be implementing a 24-hour timeout on the Pepperdine Zoom app.  If your computer has been turned off, asleep, or otherwise fully inactive after 24-hours, the app on your computer or device will simply ask you to log in again.

Second, we will implement a 60-minute timeout on the Pepperdine Zoom web portal, Just like we have a 20-minute timeout on WaveNet, in the event that you log into our Zoom portal and leave the page open without any engagement with the site, your session will time out after an hour and you'll simply need to log back in.

These security changes are important to safeguard our Pepperdine community, especially on classroom, lab, library, or shared computers. As a reminder, be sure to always sign in to Zoom with SSO.


Pepperdine Information Technology