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ExamSoft Software and the Examplify Interface

What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft is the examination software used by many law schools and state bar examiners, including Caruso School of Law and the State Bar of California. ExamSoft is a computer-based program that enables secure testing on student laptops by blocking access to programs, files, and Internet usage during exams. Caruso Law students use this software to take exams through the installation of the Examplify application.

Exemplify Basics for Caruso Law Students

  Examplify Registration

Examplify login credentials are e-mailed to Caruso Law students before every midterm exam period and then again before every final exam period. (Please check your e-mail spam folder if they do not appear in your inbox.) Use these credentials to log into the Examplify portal to download, register, or re-register the Examplify interface on your laptop. Note: Examplify login credentials are different from your Pepperdine NetworkID credentials.

  Exam Downloads

Approximately one week before your exams, an e-mail notification will be sent to download your exams.  Please download your exams as soon as they become available.

  Mock Exams

To ensure the optimal performance of ExamSoft on your laptop, it is strongly recommended that students take a mock exam before midterms and finals each semester. Once you are logged into Examplify, a "Mock Midterm Exam" or "Mock Final Exam" will be available to download.  Students can take as many mock exams as desired.

  Caruso Law School Exam Orientation

Review each document in the Caruso Law School Exam Orientation Google Drive for more information and tips for using ExamSoft Examplify.


Frequently Asked Questions

  Download or Remove Exams

Exams are available for download approximately one week before the scheduled exam date.  Please remove exam downloads when the exam period is over. ExamSoft support page.

  Confirm Exam Upload

Check to ensure your exam has successfully uploaded - You will also receive an e-mail confirming your exam upload. ExamSoft support page.

  Examplify Features

Word Count and Spellcheck



View Exam Attachments

  Disabling Antivirus Software

Please disable all antivirus software before using Examplify, as such software can interfere with exam security. ExamSoft support page.

  Clear Examplify Registration on your Device

Before installing Examplify on a new computer, you must clear the registration on your old device. Clearing the registration can also resolve minor technical issues. ExamSoft support page.

  Email and/or Text Notification Signup

Sign up to receive email and text notifications about the status of your exam uploads. ExamSoft support page.

  Examplify System Requirements

Check the system requirements to ensure your new computer can run the Examplify software. ExamSoft support page.

  Restore Windows Settings

Follow these instructions if Examplify changes your desktop wallpaper, lock screen image, or seems to cause buttons and icons to go missing. ExamSoft support page.

  Application Service Unavailable

Instructions for resolving an infrequent error preventing users from logging into the Examplify app on Windows operating systems.

Instructions for resolving an infrequent error preventing users from logging into the Examplify app on MacOS.

  Technical Support

Before Exams: Please check the Brief Bulletin for scheduled “ExamSoft Tabling Hours” offered at the Public Services Desk in the Harnish Library

After Exams:  If you experience difficulties with ExamSoft during an exam, please stop by the Public Services Desk or Faculty and Instructional Support (Suite 363).

Contact Information:  (310) 506-7425


Contact Information - Caruso School of Law Instructional Support - (310) 506-7425