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Student Account FAQ

  What is a student account? 

A student account is a record of your costs to attend school. It is used to charge your student fees such as tuition, campus life fee, room and board, and some approved miscellaneous fees. Your financial aid and any payments made will also be applied.

  How can I obtain information regarding my student account balances?

There are two ways to get information regarding your student account:

Be prepared to submit the following personal information in order to get a response: your Student ID Number or your User ID and Password (for WaveNet only)

  What is Guest Access?

Please see the following information regarding Guest Access.

  Where can I get info regarding my loan balances/fees?

Call the Caruso Law Student Accounts Office at 310.506.4981. 

  Where can I get info regarding other charges?
  • Room and Board Charges- contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 310.506.7586.
  • Health Charges- contact the Health Services Office at 310.506.4316.
  • Insurance Coverage-contact AHP Academic Health Plans at 855.825.3983.
  • Parking Fines- contact Public Safety at 310.506.4700.
  • Library Fines- contact the Library at 310.506.4786.
  How can I request a refund?

Refunds from federal aid will be processed automatically at the start of each term. You do not need to do anything other than make sure you have a valid eRefund account set up about two weeks prior to the start of the term.

In order to expedite the process, we ask that you do not call the office regarding the status of your refund during the following times of the term: the week prior to the start of the term or the first two weeks of the term.

Students may check their WaveNet account to see when the refund has been processed. It will show up in the "Refund" column under the Account Activity. Once on the student account, the funds will be released to the banks (for those with an eRefund) at the close of business the following day. It then takes generally 3-7 business days for the bank to deposit the funds into the bank account designated on the eRefund.

For refund requests on any other credit balance throughout the semester, students may contact the Office of Student Accounts by phone at (310) 506-8000 or using their Pepperdine email account, send an email to All requests for refunds must come from the student.

  What happens if I am not able to pay?

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts to let us know what your situation is and we will try to work with you. This will not necessarily waive finance charges and registration/transcript requests may be placed on hold until your account is up to date. Accounts with past due balances after the term ends may be turned over to the Account Resolution Department.

  How can I pay from a country other than the US?

You may pay in cash (U.S. dollars), check or electronic check also known as an eCheck (through a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars) or you may choose to make a wire payment. You can also pay using currency or US Dollars from your country through Flywire. This can be accessed through your WaveNet account under the "Make A Payment" button. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 310.506.8000 or for the information necessary to make a domestic wire payment or if you need additional assistance.