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Network Use

University Wireless Network

Pepperdine University has wireless networking coverage throughout the Caruso School of Law facilities. The wireless network provides the features and benefits of a traditional network without the limitations of wires or cables. It gives community members and guest the freedom to move around the building while maintaining an active Internet connection. Users can conduct research, perform business operations, and check email whenever they are in a wireless location.

Please review the following, if you plan on having an event where community members and guests will likely be using the University wireless network.

Feel free to print out and include the University WiFi Instruction brochure within information packets provided to those attending an event held at the Caruso School of Law. If you would prefer to include merely the most critical sign-on instructions for guests, feel free to copy the following instructions in your own informational materials:


Setting Up Wireless Access - Windows

  1. In the bottom right of your screen you should see one or more icons that look like a pair of computers with a red "x" across them (near the clock). Right-click that icon. Choose Open Network Connections from the menu.
  2. Right-click the "Wireless Network Connection" icon. Choose "Properties."
  3. Click the Wireless Networks tab.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Enter pepperdine (all lower-case) as the SSID. Make sure all the other check boxes are not checked off. (If asked whether there should be Data Encryption choose disable×—EP should not be enabled.) Then click OK.
  6. Click Advanced and click the "Access Point (infrastructure) networks only" radio button.
  7. The icon on your system tray (next to the clock on your screen) should now appear without the X (it may take several seconds to update or you may need to restart your computer).
  8. Proceed to Registering with WavesConnect

Setting Up Wireless Access - Mac

  1. Start out with Apple then click System Preferences. Now, choose Network.
  2. Scroll down the Network Names until you see Pepperdine and click Apply in the Lower Right.
  3. Proceed to Registering with WavesConnect

Registering with PeppConnect

From your computer, mobile phone, or tablet open a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) and enter the following in the address bar: if it doesn't automatically come up

Next, follow these step by step directions to successfully connect to the wireless network and all online services.

  1. Select the Self-Registered Guest Option
  2. Fill in your Full Name, Reason for Visit, and a Local Phone number to reach you.
  3. Once registration is completed, you will have limited access to internet sites.

Please note that such access is granted for 24 hours and that guests will need to register each day when attending a multi-day event.

Law Computing Support Contact

  • Phone: 310.506.7425
  • E-mail:
  • Hours: Monday - Friday | 8 am - 5 pm