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Food Truck Process

Food trucks on Alumni Park

Since Pepperdine University and Sodexo - the University’s dining services provider - have a long-standing partnership in the provision of food services, we all must be mindful of the protocol for bringing food trucks on to the Malibu campus. Pepperdine’s agreement with Sodexo allows it “the exclusive right to operate… (the) food services, including board plan and retail operation, on or from the Malibu campus.”  While Sodexo enjoys this broad grant of exclusive rights, it has graciously agreed to allow food trucks on campus for special events. 

A department or campus organization must meet the following conditions to bring a food truck on to campus:

  1. Food trucks are often used for special University occasions and events (e.g. Step Forward Day, Orange and Blue Madness, Televised Athletic Games). They should not impact regular food service or the University’s contract with Sodexo.
  2. Sodexo has a partnership with Food Fleet, a food truck broker with many food trucks already approved through the University. Visit Sodexo My Way to view a list of food trucks currently serving the Pepperdine community. 
  3. For any food trucks not part of the Food Fleet network, the University’s standard contracting procedures must be followed in hiring food trucks. All food truck contracts should be forwarded to the General Counsel and Insurance & Risk Management offices for review and approval. Please note that no contract should be signed, promises made to vendors, or down payments made until the contract has been approved. 
  4. Food trucks must have a current L.A. County health department certificate verifying an “A” rating. 
  5. Food trucks need the ability to meet the University’s standard insurance requirements including:
    • Naming Pepperdine University as an additional insured
    • Providing one million dollars in coverage on the following types of policies:
      • General Liability
      • Sexual Misconduct
      • Auto
      • Workers Compensation

Upon approval:

  1. Obtain a certificate of insurance meeting the requirements listed above and send to risk.management@pepperdine.edu. (Note: this only applies to food trucks not part of the Food Fleet network). 
  2. Notify the following departments/individuals at least two weeks prior to the event:
    • Pepperdine Dining Services – inform Rodney Reed at rodney.reed@sodexo.com 
    • Public Safety – Complete the FLS Request Form to ensure the proposed location for the food truck is allowable. Once approved by the FLS team, email Dawn Emrich at dawn.emrich@pepperdine.edu and Ariel Sarreal ariel.sarreal@pepperdine.edu of the name of the company, size of the truck, time of arrival/departure, method of food preparation (gas, flame, electrical, etc.), and desired location of the truck. The subject of the email should be: “Food Truck Approval.”

Please contact the Offices of the General Counsel or Insurance & Risk Management with any questions.