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Food Truck Process

Food trucks on Alumni Park

In consideration of the partnership between Pepperdine University and Bon Appetit, the University's dining services provider, we must be mindful of the following protocol for bringing food trucks to the Malibu campus. While Pepperdine's agreement with Bon Appetit allows it the exclusive right to operate food services on the Malibu campus, Bon Appetit has graciously agreed to allow food trucks on campus for special events.

Please follow the steps and procedure below to choose a food truck and notify us about the selection.


Choosing a Food Truck (Step One)

A department or campus organization may bring a food truck onto campus via food fleet or the standard contracting process.

Food Fleet

Bon Appetit has a partnership with Food Fleet a food truck broker with many food trucks already approved through the University. A list of food trucks currently serving the Pepperdine community is available on the website.

Pepperdine's Standard Contracting Process

For any food trucks not part of the Food Fleet network, the University's standard contracting procedures must be followed:

  • A pre-approved food truck contract template can be obtained from the Office of General Counsel. Any substantive changes to the template must be forwarded to the General Counsel and Insurance & Risk Management offices for review and approval prior to signature or down payment. Ideally, this review should take place at least two weeks before the event.
  • Food trucks must also have a current L.A. County health department certificate verifying an “A” rating.
  • The host department must obtain a certificate of insurance from the food truck provider and ensure it meets the requirements listed in the contract.


Notifying Departments (Step Two)

Once a truck is chosen, notify the following departments/individuals.  Food truck requests received less than 30 days from the event date could be denied due to insufficient processing time by the Los Angeles County Fire Prevention Office.

Pepperdine Dining Services

Inform Jennifer Freedman at and John Leone at

Public Safety

  • Initiate the Fire Life Safety (FLS) Team approval process by completing the FLS Request Form.
    • This ensures the proposed location for the food truck is allowable.
    • The FLS Team will request documentation of applicable food truck inspections including hood systems and fire extinguishers. 
  • Once approved by the FLS team, email Ariel Sarreal at with the subject line "Food Truck Approval" providing the:

    • name of the company
    • size of the truck
    • time of arrival/departure
    • method of food preparation (gas, flame, electrical, etc.)
    • approved location of the truck.


Please contact the Offices of the General Counsel or Insurance & Risk Management with any questions.