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Wellness Fee Policies and Frequently Asked Questions


Who is covered?

  • The wellness fee is mandatory for all undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students as well as all exchange non-degree seeking students. Full- and half-time students will pay the full fee; less than halftime students will pay a reduced fee. This fee may not be waived.
  • Less than half-time is based on each school’s catalog.
Seaver Undergraduate 1–5 units
Seaver Graduate 1–2 units
CSOL 1–5 units
GSEP 1–2 units
PGBS Undergraduate 1–5 units
PGBS Graduate (full-term) 1–2 units
PGBS Graduate (6 or 9 weeks) 1 unit
SPP 1–5 units
  • Faculty, staff, spouses of faculty and staff, and dependants are not eligible unless they are currently also an enrolled degree-seeking student.

Refund Policy

  1. Students who elect to temporarily withdraw during a semester will retain their benefits and therefore will not be eligible for a refund.
  2. Students who are separated from the University due to disciplinary sanctions will retain their online benefits and will not be eligible for a refund.
  3. Students who permanently withdraw from the University may be refunded consistent with their eligibility for a tuition refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wellness fee insurance?

No. The wellness fee is not health insurance. This fee covers services and programming that promotes holistic wellness such as unlimited no-charge primary care visits at the Student Health Center or our telehealth provider, access to no-charge counseling and mental health services at our Counseling Center and through our telehealth provider, no-charge unlimited 24/7 on-demand mental health coaching/crisis management, no-charge fitness classes both in person and online, access to programming related to wellness such as health coaching and nutrition services, and additional health and wellness education on campus and online that enhances the quality of student life.

Can I waive the health fee?

No. The fee is mandatory for nearly all enrolled undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students. Students enrolled in a single unit in the fall or spring semester to complete their degree may petition for either a fee waiver or to pay the less than half-time fee and retain wellness benefits.

If I am not attending summer school, do I still have access to services during the summer?

Yes. Students who have not completed their degrees and have paid the wellness fee in the fall and spring semesters will maintain access to service during the summer. Students who began school in the spring semester, but did not attend in the fall, will also have full access to services in the summer.

Are there costs excluded from the fee?

Yes. See all the excluded health and wellness costs at the bottom of the student wellness page.