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University Faculty Council

About Us


The University Faculty Council (UFC) was formed in 2001 by a charter signed by all five schools of Pepperdine University. The purpose of the UFC is to provide a vehicle for collegial discussion and decision-making between Pepperdine University administration and the faculty. Each school has at least one representative on the UFC.



Council Membership


  • Trey Childress, Professor of Law, CSOL (fall)
  • Stewart Davenport, Professor of History, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College
  • John Mann, Associate Professor of Physics, Natural Science Division, Seaver College
  • Brian McGilvray, JD, Practitioner Faculty of Business Law, PGBS 
  • John Mooney, Professor of Information Systems Technology Management, PGBS
  • Donna Nofziger, Professor of Biology, Natural Science Division, Seaver College
  • Reyna Garcia Ramos, Professor of Education,  Chair of the Department of Education and Pedagogy, GSEP
  • Mark Scarberry, Professor of Law, CSOL (Spring)
  • Kiron Skinner, Taube Professor of International Relations and Politics, SPP
  • Elizabeth Smith, Associate Professor of Communications, Director of Pepperdine Graphic Media,  Seaver College
  • Jennifer Vaughn, Assistant Professor of Psychology, GSEP
  • Michael Williams, Associate Professor of Information Systems Technology Management, PGBS
  • Stephanie Williams, Associate Professor of Legal Research and Writing, CSOL
  • Jay Brewster, Provost
  • James Gash, President
  • Lila McDowell Carlsen, Interim Vice Provost