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The current members of the University Management Committee are:

  1. Phil Phillips (Chair); Vice President for Administration
  2. Gary Hanson; Executive Vice President
  3. Paul Lasiter; Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  4. Edna Powell; Chief Business Officer
  5. Marc Goodman; General Counsel
  6. Mark Davis; Dean of Student Affairs, Seaver College
  7. Lauren Cosentino; Chief Human Resources Officer
  8. Rick Marrs; Provost
  9. Marnie Mitze; Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President, Office of the President
  10. Bernice Ledbetter; Professor Graziadio School of Business and Management
  11. Hung Le; Associate Vice President and University Registrar, Office of Student Information and Services
  12. Lee Kats; Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives, Professor of Biology, Office of the Provost and Seaver College
  13. Donna Nofzinger Plank; Associate Professor of Biology Natural Science, Seaver College
  14. Rick Gibson; Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President for Public Affairs & Church Relations
  15. Michael Feltner; Dean of Seaver College, Professor of Sports Medicine, Natural Science Division, Seaver College