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Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get paid?
    If you are paid hourly (non-exempt), then you must enter your hours worked into Kronos at If you are paid salary (exempt), you will be paid without having to enter your hours worked into Kronos. However, you will need to report full day absences in Kronos before the 10th of the following month that the absences occurred.

  2. When are paydays?
    If you are paid hourly, you get paid every other Friday. If payday falls on a holiday, then the payday is the first business day before the holiday. If you are paid salary, you will be paid on the 26th of the month. If the 26th falls on a weekend or a holiday, you will be paid the first business day before the holiday.
    Note: For a schedule of paydays, please see the appropriate payroll schedule (bi-weekly or monthly).

  3. How do I fill out an amended timesheet?

    a) Print a blank timecard from the Payroll Department Web Site

    b) Fill in all the pertinent information (name, CWID, pay period, etc)

    c) Fill in all the days in the pay period that you are amending (i.e. if the original timesheet states you worked 7 hours on the first Monday and you actually worked 8 then write in 8 on the first Monday and so on.)

    d) After you have completed the timesheet, print it, then at the top of the timesheet write, "Amended"

    e) Make sure you and your supervisor sign the timesheet

    f) Send the timesheet immediately to the Payroll Department.

     Please click here to see an example: Amended timecard instructions

  4. How and when do I need to complete a Make-up Time Request Form?
    Employees can use the Make-up Time Request form for requesting an alternate schedule, without incurring daily overtime pay - for work time lost due to personal reasons. Below are some guidelines:

    a) Make-up time plus regular hours worked may not exceed 11 hours in a day

    b) Make-up time must take place in the same work week in which time was lost

    c) Separate requests must be made and approved for each work week.

    d) Supervisory approval must be obtained and the request form must be completed BEFORE the make-up time is worked.

    e) Please send in approved form(s) to the Payroll Department by the end of the work week that the make-up time is worked.

    Please click here to see an example: Make-up time instructions

  5. Is Direct Deposit safe?
    Yes. In fact it is much safer than receiving a check. Not only does direct deposit provide instant access to your funds, but it also eliminates the danger of losing a paycheck or having it stolen. It is governed by strict laws of the National Automated Clearing House Association to ensure accurate and timely payment into your bank account.