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Former Employees

W-2 Services for Former Employees

We are pleased to inform you that your W-2 for 2023 is now available. Additionally, a paper copy of your W-2 will be sent in the mail to your home or mailing address as listed in WaveNet unless you have previously opted out of this feature.

If already registered, login to

How to Register:


1. Go to

2. Click on "Create Account" to register

3. Click on "I Have A Registration Code"

4. Enter the Registration Code: Contact Pepperdine Payroll Office for Registration Code

5. Click "Yes" to continue and then enter the following required information:


  • Name
  • Tax Year (2023)
  • Your nine digit Employee ID (Campus Wide ID - you may need a leading zero to bring your number to 9 digits. You can view this on Wavenet, ID card or your paycheck stub)
  • Company Code: V9B
  • Home Zip Code as listed in WaveNet under "Home Address Type" (first 5 digits only)
  • Social Security Number (do NOT include dashes)

You will continue the registration process during which you will select a unique password. Additionally, you will be assigned a system generated User ID. Please make note of your password and user ID. We suggest you "Bookmark" or "Add to your Favorites" the new URL:

This registration process will allow you to view and print your W-2 online when it is available, no later than January 31st; additionally, a paper copy of your W-2 will be sent in the mail to your home address as listed in Wavenet. You can, however, choose to forgo the sending of a paper copy, and choose to only access your W-2 online. To take advantage of the paperless-only option, click Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then click Receive Paperless Statements to update your option. You must do this prior to December 31st, or your W-2 will be sent to you in the mail.