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Telecommunications Procedures


Telecommunications Allowance

A telecommunications allowance is non-taxable reimbursement to an employee for the cost of business use on the employee's personal cell phone, data plan or home-based Internet service. The telecommunications allowance is paid in equal installments in a nonexempt employee's biweekly paycheck and in an exempt employee's monthly paycheck. It is non-taxable income that is included in the employee's paycheck.

  • Determine Employee Eligibility and Amount of Telecommunications Allowance

Supervisor determines:


    • Selects any service provider and plan features that meet the requirements of the job responsibilities.
    • Establishes himself/herself as the billing party.
    • Maintains an active service contract as long as the telecommunications allowance is in place. Provides management, upon request, with a copy of the most recent statement.
    • Informs the Supervisor, who is responsible for notifying the Payroll Office, to discontinue the telecommunications allowance when the eligibility criteria are no longer met or when the service is cancelled.
  • Request, Renew, Change or Cancel a Telecommunications Allowance


    • Completes a Telecommunications Allowance Request form. (Request requires annual renewal each fiscal year.)
    • Obtains approval from the Major Area Budget Manager and Vice President.
    • Submits the form to the Payroll Office.