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Book Discussion - Hunting Magic Eels: Recovering an Enchanted Faith in a Skeptical Age

November 1 | 12 - 1:30 PM | Richard Beck invites readers to pay attention to love, grace, and the presence of God everywhere as a means to discover sacramental wonder and enchantment. With an intentional cultivated capacity to experience God as a living, vital presence in our lives, Hunting Magic Eels shows readers that we can cultivate an enchanted faith in a skeptical age.


A Book Discussion with Rick Hamlin - Even Silence Is Praise: Quiet Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul with Christian Meditation

February 25 | 12 - 1 PM |Today, in what might be considered the most challenging time in our country, many are having feelings of anxiety, shame, and depression and are searching for ways to unpack these emotions. In Even Silence Is Praise: Quiet Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul with Christian Meditation, Rick Hamlin uses personal stories, practical advice, and helpful prompts to encourage Christians to center their minds on God and explore how silence is truly a virtue. Furthermore, Hamlin examines the place of meditation in the church and ways the practice can deepen our faith.


Fall 2021 Spiritual Practices

This fall, the Hub for Spiritual Life offers two spiritual practice sessions to the Pepperdine community. John Peterson, Associate Director of Pepperdine's Center for Faith and Learning, and Associate Professor of English for Seaver College, and Zac Luben, Associate Chaplain for Partners, will lead us through two workshops designed to better cultivate a sense of spirituality in our lives and where we stand with God today.