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Wellness Week Recap

Just as Pepperdine provides transformative experiences for our students to be servant-minded leaders, working at this University extends beyond mere employment to provide faculty and staff with opportunities to enjoy life abundant. Pepperdine approaches employee wellness holistically, acknowledging all components of an employee's wellbeing — physical, social, spiritual, psychological, professional, and financial — are interconnected. 

In case you missed it... During the week of February 27 - March 3, Human Resources highlighted resources across wellness dimensions, such as Pepperdine's total compensation summary, group fitness classes, Health Advocate counseling sessions, tuition remission, and the Chaplain's Office. Over 150 Pepperdine staff and faculty members took advantage of eight unique programming opportunities provided by Human Resources to prioritize their holistic wellness.

The following webinars were recorded and are made available to you: