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Pepperdine CPR Training Course

Sign up today for this blended CPR/AED Training course which consists of watching videos online at your convenience, and a short hands-on skills session where you're able to practice the skills of CPR and use of an AED on a manikin. This course covers CPR use of an AED for Adults/Children & Infants, as well as choking relief for all ages.

  • The Blended CPR/AED training for Adult/Child/Infant course is free for Pepperdine employees.
  • The Rescue Training Institute will be bringing their own equipment so each attendee has their own manikin, AED, and gloves at their own table.
    • There also won't be breathing into the manikins due to COVID-19 but instead, attendees will simulate it. 
  • 30-minute skills sessions are limited to up to 10 people at a time.
  • Skills Sessions will take place in person on the Malibu Campus on Wednesday, February 16, and Wednesday, February 23, both from 9 - 9:30 AM.

Limited spots available, register now!