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Kaiser Permanente Self-Care Health Apps

Kaiser Permanente Members:


Everyone needs support for total health - mind, body, and spirit. Digital tools can help you navigate life's challenges and help make small changes that improve sleep, mood, and more, or simply support an overall sense of well-being. Kaiser's myStrength is a personalized program that includes interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational resources, and community support. You can track preferences and goals, current emotional states, and ongoing life events to improve your awareness and change behaviors. myStrength helps with depression, anxiety, sleep, stress, substance use, and chronic pain.

  • Thoroughly evaluated by Kaiser Permanente clinicians
  • Easy to use and proven effective
  • Safe and confidential

Go to to access myStrength to sign up for the app.


Calm is an app that uses meditation and mindfulness to help lower stress, reduce anxiety,
and improve sleep quality. Practicing mindfulness with Calm can help you build resilience and support your overall emotional health and wellness. Calm is the #1 app for meditation and sleep, hand-picked by Kaiser Permanente physicians, and confidential and easy to use. Anyone can benefit from Calm, and the app offers something for everyone:

  • A new 10-minute Daily Calm meditation every day
  • Guided meditations covering anxiety, stress, gratitude, and more
  • Calm Masterclasses taught by world-renowned experts and celebrities

Adult members can get Calm at