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Open Enrollment for 2023 Benefits Begins October 31

What is New in 2023

  • Health Savings Accounts. For employees enrolled in the PPO HSA plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA), University contributions will now be paid on a per-paycheck basis rather than in January, as has previously been the practice. When the HSA program was introduced to Pepperdine in 2018, the University committed to making both base and matching contributions to employee accounts for the first two years to boost savings for medical expenses. While the University extended the base contribution ($500 for single coverage and $1,000 for family) for additional years due to the pandemic, it will no longer be offered in 2023. The University will continue to boost savings, however, through matching employee contributions 100% up to $750 for individuals (increased from $500) and up to $1,500 for families (increased from $1,000).
  • Vision. VSP vision insurance has expanded, with no cost increase, to include more in-network retailers and to provide additional benefits for enrolled dependents under age 26.
  • Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness plans. Voluntary accident and critical illness plans have been modified to offer increased coverage and lower rates for the majority of employees. Employees currently enrolled in these plans should carefully review the changes outlined in the 2023 Annual Benefits Guide and must enroll in the new plans to continue coverage.
  • Voluntary Legal. The voluntary legal plan has expanded to include up to four hours of general consultation services for no additional cost.

The Cost of Healthcare

For the past two years, Pepperdine employees have experienced no cost increases to their benefits, which was uniquely favorable and especially welcome during the pandemic. While there are slight cost increases this year (the average increase for single coverage is $3.25 per month, and $10.75 per month for family), the University continues to carefully manage our benefits plans and rigorously ensure you receive the best coverage for the lowest cost. As we navigate increasing national healthcare costs, economic inflation, and continued pressures from the pandemic, employees should expect regular increases in future years.

Enroll in Your Benefits

Between October 31 and November 14 you must enroll in your desired benefits for 2023 either online or by phone:

You are unable to make changes to your 2023 plan choices after November 14, 2022, unless you experience a qualifying life event, such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, or change in coverage under another plan.

If you are unsure about which plans are best for you, please:

  • Review the 2023 Annual Enrollment Guide
  • Utilize the additional benefits information found at
  • Call Health Advocate at 866.799.2728 to explore coverage details related to your personal needs, or find which medical providers are covered in each plan
  • Call Human Resources at 310.506.4397