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Readiness to Return to Campus

As highlighted in this week's President's Briefing, Los Angeles County COVID-19 cases have decreased rapidly in recent weeks. If the county's adjusted case rates and positivity rates continue to improve, the county may soon enter a less restrictive tier according to the California Blueprint for a Safe Economy. As case rates continue to drop, the University will be permitted to offer increasing on-campus student services, creating a need for the corresponding physical presence of more employees on its campuses.

Readiness to Return to Campus

In keeping with Pepperdine's distinctive mission and affirmation that the student is the heart of our University, we are committed to offering as many on-ground services as we are able, as immediately as we are able to safely do so. Therefore, we ask for your assistance in planning now to ensure you and your team remain nimble and ready to quickly respond to on-ground needs at the campus where you normally work, keeping in mind county guidance changes with little notice. Faculty members should look to their school to confirm teaching expectations for the current and coming terms.

Recognizing the COVID-19 environment remains fluid and rapidly changing, additional adjustments will be made as the University is allowed to expand our reopening. Employees can expect further communications as we continue to implement thoughtful and strategic plans with your well-being and student needs in mind. Human Resources is available to assist in this period of transition.

Continuation of Remote Work

Entering a less restrictive tier does not mean all employees may return to campus. Though employees should be prepared to return to campus when needed, and possibly on short notice, remote work will largely continue for many people. Because additional limitations and protocols remain in place, supervisors will reach out to employees when they are eligible and needed to return to campus.

Mandatory Quarantine Returning to California

As a reminder, people entering California from out of the state or country must self-quarantine for 10 days, limiting interactions to their immediate household. If you have been working out of state or plan to soon travel out of state, please discuss plans with your supervisor to ensure you are able to return as soon as needed, allowing for an appropriate quarantining period, if applicable.

Additional Information and Questions

The University will continue to regularly communicate updates and modify guidelines to respond to the fluidity of the pandemic. You can view additional details and continue to find the most up-to-date information on Pepperdine's COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness website. For questions and concerns, please reach out to:

  • Your supervisor
  • Human Resources: 310.506.4397
  • Pepperdine's COVID-19 Information Line: 310.506.8111
  • Pepperdine's COVID-19 Information Email:

Thank you for your continued flexibility as we seek to return students to campus as soon as we are able to safely do so.