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Spiritual Wellness Resources

Spiritual wellbeing happens when we feel a meaningful connection to something bigger than ourselves. Like other aspects of wellness, this happens through regular practices, such as prayer, worship, fellowship, and solitude. These practices connect us to a living God, leading to experiences of peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance.

Pepperdine is a Christian University, where staff and faculty are encouraged to embody their faith and explore its interaction with their work. We believe spiritual wellness should permeate each moment of every day, including — and perhaps especially — during the time you spend at work. Work is a good and meaningful part of life, one that allows us to connect with God, others, and our true selves as we create, build, and find solutions together. Working at a place like Pepperdine — a Christian University committed to welcoming people from different faiths and at every stage of their faith journey — extends the opportunity for you to bring your whole self to work. 

Pepperdine's Faith Heritage

  • Working at Pepperdine is unique in that faculty and staff are encouraged to live out their faith in the workplace, imbuing purpose into their daily work. Learn more about the Churches of Christ, faculty and staff perspectives of working at a Christian university, and spiritual resources for faculty and staff.

Harbor Bible Lectures

  • Harbor is a flagship event for the Office of Church Relations. It is an annual four-day conference at the Pepperdine campus in Malibu, bringing together Christians from across the nation and around the world, with education, fellowship, worship, and rejuvenation. Click here to learn more.

Practicing Faith

  • The Office of the Chaplain has created a framework to guide your faith practice. Pepperdine encourages employees to live out their faith at work by providing many resources to deepen their spiritual practice. Set an intention to pray, gather, or rest.