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Working at a Christian University

"What does it mean to work at a Christian institution like Pepperdine? Specifically, how does our mission affect our work? The fact is, even when we understand and appreciate it, it can be hard to articulate how it affects our work - how we take our values and apply them in the work environment. Interpreting, articulating, applying - it is not easy for some of us.

The piece you are about to experience has been created to inspire, intrigue, and promote discussion among the people who make up the Pepperdine community. In many ways, Pepperdine's mission is only as strong as the people who embody it. These days, when I speak to how our mission plays out in the work place, I am quick to say, 'It's the people. It's who they are. And what they do flows from who they are.'"

Phil E. Phillips
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Churches of Christ

Learn about the Churches of Christ and the affiliation at Pepperdine University:

What It Means to Work Here: Video Series

Pepperdine seeks to provide an exceptional work environment for those who choose to work and serve at this University. Being part of this community can be deeply personal and equally compelling. Hear testimonies from members of the Pepperdine community as to what it means for them to work at Pepperdine University:

Resources at the University

  • The Office of the Chaplain is dedicated to cultivating a spiritually formative environment for the Pepperdine faculty and staff community to meet individual, departmental, and University-wide spiritual needs.
  • The University Church of Christ offers Sunday services on campus and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.
  • Rooted in the Churches of Christ, Waves Church meets in Stauffer Chapel on Sundays at 5 PM, and students, faculty, and staff are all invited to attend.
  • The Hub for Spiritual Life offers various services throughout the year and provides pastoral care for the Pepperdine community.