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Email Marketing


This documentation seeks to establish guidelines for use of Pepperdine University's enterprise email marketing system, Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in manners contrary to these guidelines can negatively impact the university's efforts to communicate effectively with our constituents, and may significantly—perhaps irrevocably—damage these relationships. The use of an email mass marketing tool has the potential for much good, but also much harm. Consequently, university personnel using Salesforce Marketing Cloud must take their responsibility seriously to conform to these guidelines in support of the goals stated below. It is assumed that any department seeking to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud will dedicate appropriate resources to ensure this need is met.

To promote achievement of its mass email marketing goals includes:

  • Creating/maintaining a positive perception of the university by our constituents
  • Communicating with our constituents in a cost-effective manner
  • Managing the appropriateness, quality, and frequency of communication
  • Reaching all of our constituents who are interested in receiving these communications while providing the option to opt-out and/or unsubscribe to those who no longer do
  • Measure the effectiveness of our communications through various metrics

As the administrators charged with implementing a university-wide strategy for email marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications will determine how Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be used and will revoke access for any individual or department that does not comply with these guidelines.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been selected by Pepperdine as the university's email service provider. The Marketing Cloud provides Pepperdine staff with resources to send email applying university designed and approved assets. By automating emails using this tool, we can maintain mailing lists with data integrity and provide reports on email performance.


Please visit the following pages to find the helpful tools you need to utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud;