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Strategic Planning


Email is another medium to integrate into your strategic marketing communications plan, similar to social media, another digital channel, and print collateral, a traditional medium. Therefore developing a plan for promoting and developing a relationship for your initiative is imperative to its success.

Target Audience

Use targeted communications to reduce the risk of a SPAM complaint.

  • Send an email to individuals who are relevant to the communication.
  • Send an email to the related group of past participants, currently, engaged individuals (are they currently registered), or those who have actively connected or engaged in activity to another related digital asset (did they click a specific link).
  • Understand the purpose of the email message.

Emailing Internal Audiences

Sending broadcast email communications to Pepperdine's internal (faculty, staff or student) audiences, for commercial (promotional) purposes is strictly prohibited. To send commercial messaging to faculty, staff or student audiences, Pepperdine Community is recommended. Otherwise direct approval will need to be attained from Human Resources.


The practice of strategic email distribution protects Pepperdine University's sender reputation and the relationship between the entity and the recipient as a supplier of relevant and accurate information.

Upon the submission of the Email Send Request form, or a new project request, a team member with the Integrated Marketing Communications group will work with you to confirm the availability to send the email message(s), and your email will be added to the respective calendar. This calendar will identify the Business Unit owner of the email, the message purpose, and the audience.

Email Send Calendar

A master calendar is kept to coordinate email sends in order to reduce multiple sends to the same audience. This schedule will serve to prevent our constituents from receiving numerous emails from the university on a single day, therefore reducing our overall opt-out rates. All emails must be scheduled prior to the final send. The university send calendar is currently hosted on Google Calendar. You will be given access to view this calendar during your Salesforce Marketing Cloud training.

Please contact Arwa Sutarwala for scheduling assistance.