Marketing Cloud Access, Support, and Process


With the implementation of a campus-wide instrument used for sending email, Marketing Cloud, all emails being sent will follow an established approval process. The purpose of the approval process is to ensure the Pepperdine University brand is held to the highest standard and execution is consistent across all devices, browsers, and email clients.


To be granted and retain access and have the ability to send email, a new user must:

  • Complete Salesforce Marketing Cloud training with Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Fill out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Access Application form
  • Understand the policies expected of all users
  • Always access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Google Chrome
  • Read and understand the intent and effect of the U.S. Government CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and other legislation governing mass email marketing
  • Have basic knowledge of HTML coding for troubleshooting purposes

Upon Marketing Cloud account set-up, new users will be assigned to a Business Unit and the user will be guided through their first email creation and email send with their respective training team.

Individuals will be provided with the necessary Marketing Cloud access, as related to their role. 

Support & Training


Contact Lauren Hagerman with the Integrated Marketing Communications team.

Training and Documentation

Initial training will be with an Integrated Marketing Communications team member. For additional training, please request a one-to-one session now by contacting Lauren Hagerman.

Approval and Workflow Process

Marketing Communications professionals will submit an email send the request, a minimum of four business days in advance of the final send. This will determine if the marketing communication is either an Ad Hoc Communication or a part of an Email Campaign. Or, if the message is better suited to be sent via an alternate system (i.e., Gmail).

An ad hoc email is a one-time email marketing communication with a targeted application.

A campaign is comprised of several rounds of messages meant to build familiarity and trust around a product, service, or experience. In the broadest sense, any email sent to a subscriber list of customers or prospects can be considered email marketing. Example: Recruitment Efforts, Fundraising Campaigns/Appeals, Newsletters, Event Promotions (Save the Dates, Invitations, and Reminder emails), etc..

Learn more about different email types and their purposes.

This is to provide the necessary time allotment for the creative development and approvals, respectively. For more information and consultation with regards to your email marketing initiatives, please contact Lauren Hagerman.