Policies, Brand Standards, and Best Practices


Any authorized user of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud must adhere to the established policies, brand standards, and best practices for developing and sending email marketing communications on behalf of Pepperdine University. In addition to the Statement of User Responsibility, that all new users must sign and agree to. Failure to do so will jeopardize the user's access to the system.

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) group, retains the right to review and reject any email marketing communications that breaks compliance with the established policies, brand standards, or best practices when the University domain (...@pepperdine.edu) is applied. Members of the Integrated Marketing Communications group will consult with any offenders to find an immediate solution.

Additionally, there are a few general rules of thumb, or Email Don'ts to avoid bad practice, as well as a basic glossary of Digital Marketing Communication terms available for your reference. For more information please contact Lauren Hagerman.

General Policy

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been selected to continue Pepperdine's overall university-wide plan to improve its communication with the engaged constituents. Therefore, all email marketing communications sent on behalf of Pepperdine University, a School or Business Unit, thereof, is required to be sent via this tool, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is to ensure the correct application of our brand standards and to maintain our subscription management for transactional and commercial emails

All users of the Marketing Cloud must be in compliance with established laws, specifically related to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and any related articles. Violators of this Act will have their access to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud revoked immediately, and a solution will be found.

Users of the Marketing Cloud will need to incorporate strategic planning into their email marketing communications, to ensure performance and relevancy of their efforts to the best of their abilities. Training is provided upon initial access to the Marketing Cloud, and additional training is available upon request and can be scheduled directly with Lauren Hagerman.

All information managed between the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be done so with the highest degree of data integrity. For more guidance and questions, please contact Kyle Dusek.

Brand Standards

All email marketing communication must follow the Pepperdine University branding policies listed in the official university style guide. With regards to the relationship of Pepperdine University brand standards and email marketing communications, users must adhere to the standard brand resources and guidelines;

  • There are master email templates available to all users. Users are not permitted to edit the design of these templates or create their own templates.
  • Standard content blocks are established to meet brand standards of the university, as well as to ensure web accessibility.
  • Users are not permitted to create their own customized HTML code for implementation of the standard templates. Violators will have their Salesforce Marketing Cloud access restricted or revoked upon the severity of the case.
  • Before using images in your emails that you've downloaded from external sources, be sure to review Copyrights for Photography & Video.

Best Practices

When developing your email marketing communications for the final execution for constituents of Pepperdine University, individuals will need to follow a standard application for email content development. This is to ensure the purpose of the message is being conveyed to the best of its ability, the content is relayed cohesively and correctly with regards to the audience, as well as to optimize the end-user experience as a member of the Pepperdine community.