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Email Systems


The following information provides a step-by-step process for choosing the correct platform for your email. In addition to an outline of the available systems used today by Pepperdine University, in general.

Identifying the Best System


Description & Use: The system allows Pepperdine University to send messages to mobile, office, and home phones, as well as send text message, and email. Everbridge is only used at the discretion of the University's EOC during major campus incidents, life safety emergencies, and for testing.

Audience: Faculty, Staff and Students, and Crest Associates.


Description & Use: Pepperdine University's primary email client from the Google Suite, and it is used for day-to-day business communications and operations (example: F/S Notification). This client is accessible from any device or location. All active employees and students have access to a Gmail account through their University account. You may also connect with other individuals and businesses via GMail who may have other email domains, i.e., Outlook, Yahoo!, etc.. If you are looking to communicate to a group, or team, of individuals you can use Google Groups.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Students of Pepperdine University, business entities and community contributors for the operations of conducting business or sharing information.


Description & Use: TargetX provides a campus-wide opportunity to help build relationships and track communications with prospective students through the recruitment process. This system is directly integrated with the CRM,

Audience: Prospective Students

Marketing Cloud

Description & Use: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is Pepperdine University's primary email broadcast tool for Solicitations (Events and Fundraising), Marketing Communications and Advancement efforts (Fundraising, Alumni Events, and Engagement, Community Development, etc.). To access this system, you must complete a Marketing Cloud Access Application. Upon review and once access is granted, additional instruction and training will be provided by members of the Integrated Marketing Communications Digital Marketing team. Users will be required to follow a standard approval and workflow process.

Audience: Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff, and Pepperdine Community Contributors.