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Copyrights for Photography and Video

It is very important that through the usage of stock video footage, stock photography, or music that Pepperdine University does not infringe on any copyrights. This includes copying/downloading media, especially images and music, that is found online on other individual's websites. For that reason, we stress that great care is given to understanding the license purchased for stock media. Since some licenses allow media to be reused in a future project, please store a copy of the licenses with purchased media. We recommend renaming the license file the same as the media name but add "-license".

For example, if you have a media file named "SampleName" then the license file should be named "" and stored in the same folder.

Music Copyrights

We require that ALL videos use licensed music or music that has written release for usage. Music ripped from CDs or purchased online (iTunes,, etc.) should not be used unless we have full permission from the artist, writer, publisher, and label.

For more information visit the page - Music Standards

Photography Copyrights

Any photography that is not licensed stock photography should taken by an official agent of the University. IMC manages a database of photography shot either by the University Photographer or by individuals hired by Pepperdine. That database can be found at We highly discourage copying/downloading images found on individual or business websites without knowledge of the licensing or usage rights. Please contact IMC for access to the PA Media Bank or with questions on image usage rights.