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Pepperdine Zoom Backgrounds

Make Zoom meetings and lessons feel like your Pepperdine home.

The virtual background feature on Zoom allows you to display a static image as your background during your class or meeting. Click on an image to download and watch the tutorial to learn how to add an image to your Zoom backgrounds.


Stauffer Chapel

George Pepperdine Bench

Pepperdine Vista 2019

Pepperdine Theme Tower

Theme Tower with Fog Sky

Malibu Campus Vista

Stauffer Chapel Backside View

Theme Tower Entrance View

Tree with a lot of Roots

Pepperdine Sign at the corner of Malibu canyon and Seaver Drive

Payson Library Inside

Payson Library Reading Room

Classroom Without Students

Eddy D. Field Baseball Stadium

Theme Tower Entrance View - Right Side

Waves Cafe with Full of Students

Starbucks Coffee

Caruso School of Law beauty, Interior

Students sit on Grass of Alumni Park with Ocean View


Stauffer Chapel Night View

Sunset Beach View

Theme Tower Sunset

Drescher Graduate Campus SPP Building

Drescher Graduate Campus GSEP Building

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Building

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Playa District

Malibu Campus Vista Point Dume

Mullin Town Square Aerial View

Amphitheatre with Cross Sign

Caruso School of Law Courtyard

Drescher Graduate Campus GBS Building