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Livestream is an online streaming video site that allows us to schedule and broadcast live events on a platform that is accessible by Mac, PC, and most mobile devices. This service allows us to expand the viewership of our programs and events to members within our community and those who are not affiliated with Pepperdine, by raising awareness, promoting our mission, and sharing events that uniquely position the university as a leader in higher education.  The service also provides the opportunity to build affinity within the Pepperdine community, allows participation with individuals who are unable to attend Pepperdine sponsored events in person, and provides an instant online archive of an event that can be easily shared online.

Qualifying Events

Events that qualify to utilize this solution have to meet a number of criteria.

  • Must support the mission of the university or be tied to a school initiative.
  • Be open to the public
  • Sponsored primarily by Pepperdine, co-sponsored events must showcase Pepperdine
  • Cannot be sponsored by student organizations or clubs
  • Must have an audience present
  • Be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to live event and have a communications strategy to promote the livestream event.

Targeting Audiences

Since access cannot be restricted the audience has to be considered the public.  We can target specific audiences through direct communications, postings on social media group sites, or partnering with the guest speaker to self promote when applicable.

Key Features

  • No login required to view live video streams.
  • Integration with social media through "likes" and shares.
  • Ability to follow and receive announcements of new published events once subscribed to site
  • Ability to post text, photos, archived video, and live video feeds.
  • Ability to create custom urls per event
  • Within the description we can embed multiple outside links
  • Video embedding post event on outside web pages
  • Simple editing and creating highlight clips