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Video Style Guide

Text (Including Wordmarks, and Logos)

  • All written text that appears in videos should fit within the text safe area of the video to ensure proper display on all devices.
  • The use of any University logo is to be dictated by the identity style guide, and any text that appears alongside the logo in the video should not be competing with it, unless the logo is used as a footer or watermark.
  • Use of other logos (those that are not representing the university) are to be guided by their branding standards.
  • Lower thirds (callouts that are superimposed to identify somebody speaking) should reside in the lower third of the image, with the text being readable.
  • Colors should be not be visually distracting and competing with the rest of the video. We recommend sticking to the colors in the identity style guide and avoiding colors not associated with the university.
  • Fonts should be conservative in appearance and legible. We recommend clean sans-serif or serif fonts. Some fonts used by the university include: Trajan, Zurich, Berkeley.
    • Text sizing should be done appropriately and not overwhelm the framing of the video; when selecting a size consider a maximum of 32pt with the goal of keeping the text confined to occupying a third of the image.
    • Fonts that are not recommended include Comic Sans, Papyrus, and other casual looking fonts.

Color and Framing

  • Images should be exposed for proper white balance and images should be in focus.
  • Subjects should be framed to allow for suitable headroom and adhere to the rule of thirds for framing.
  • Avoid using shaky shots if possible and keep images stabilized.

Audio Guidelines

  • Audio peaks should be between -2 and -8db if possible, with no peaks at 0db throughout the sequence.  
  • If music is being used along with spoken words, it should not overpower the speakers audio.
  • Copyright music should not be used. If stock music is purchased, it should be used in compliance with the licensing that was paid with it.