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Event Request

Events may be submitted by anyone in the Pepperdine community (faculty, staff, students) and visitors wishing to utilize Caruso School of Law facilities. Events are classified as an activity that is not a class. Submissions are reviewed and approved by the Caruso School of Law before they are posted. Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your event:

  1. Review Caruso School of Law Event Policy and Procedure.
  2. Submit an Event Request Form.
  3. Approval for your event should not be assumed until all of the appropriate documentation has been reviewed, accepted, and officially confirmed by Caruso School of Law Events Manager.

Appropriate Event Items to Submit

  • Workshops, symposia, lectures, presentations
  • Campus events, such as meetings, worship services, blood drives, etc.

Inappropriate Event Items to Submit

  • Non-Caruso School of Law room or location reservations (The calendar does not secure University resources.)
  • Personal events, such as birthdays, private parties, etc.

Forms to Submit

Frequently Asked Questions

 When do I need to submit a Warehouse Request and where do I send it?

If you need extra tables or chairs for your event, or if you need help moving existing furniture within the building, you must submit a Warehouse Request Form. Use this link to access the form and fill it out as completely as possible. Once completed, you need to email the form to

 When do I need to provide a General Release Form and how do I do so?

Any time you have a guest speaker or panelist on campus for your event, you must provide them with a General Release Form. If, by chance, your guests' words are quoted, recorded by video or voice recorder, or if their picture is taken, we must gain permission beforehand. This is always a best practice and is a Pepperdine University standard procedure that must be followed. Once you've provided the form to your guest and obtained their signature, you must send a copy of the form to to be stored in our master file and also keep a copy for yourself.

 When should I submit an event request?

Event Requests should be submitted as soon as you are aware of your needs, but no later than 1 week in advance. Once you submit an event request, you can expect a response within 3-5 business days. If you submit a request for an event less than 1 week in advance, you must send a high priority email to the Events Manager ( requesting rush approval, in addition to submitting the Event Request Form.