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Faculty and Instructional Support Services

The Department of Faculty and Instructional Support supports faculty members' pursuit of excellence in teaching and scholarship by delivering the core administrative and instructional support services listed below.

Faculty Administrative Support

  • Prepare and distribute course materials and student communications
  • Track, monitor, and report class attendance
  • Prepare customized seating charts, tent cards, and class rosters
  • Provide support for adjunct faculty (office hours, attendance, exams & papers)
  • Print exam and graded results for faculty
  • Finalize correspondence and recommendation letters
  • Submit scholarly works on Scholastica and independent journal sites
  • Prepare and submit expense reports for faculty reimbursement

Faculty Instructional Support

  • Facilitate Legal Research and Writing assignments
  • Coordinate, distribute, and collect course assignments and final papers
  • Administer student exam orientation
  • Prepare and administer exams for students
  • Onboard, coordinate, and administer exams for students with approved accommodations
  • Provide course, exam, and student accommodation support for London and DC program offices
  • Edit and coordinate exam reviews with the Academic Standards Committee
  • Facilitate rescheduled exams and paper assignment petitions
  • Communicate exam administration variances (i.e. remote, multiple choice, and exams for students with accommodations)
  • Field student inquiries regarding faculty, office hours, attendance, exams, review folders, petitions, assignments, and final papers
  • Train and coordinate journal processes with business editors, print vendors, and journal subscribers
  • Prepare requisitions and deposits and pay vendors for printing services for student-run journals

The department also serves to optimize instructional delivery by identifying, implementing, and using advanced educational technologies that assist faculty in meeting the law school's pedagogical goals through excellence in legal training and instruction. In addition, the department supports the assessment objectives and accreditation standards of the law school by optimizing the measurement of student learning outcomes through the use of advanced technologies, including in the administration of examinations, and by cultivating assessment data pertinent to accreditation reviews or audits. To this end, the department provides the following advanced technology instructional support services:

Support for Instructional Delivery, Learning and Assessment Systems

  • Provide management and ongoing support of learning management software, such as Courses
  • Proactive oversight, maintenance, administration, and use of exam-taking software, such as ExamSoft
  • Promote and support faculty adoption of instructional support tools such as Zoom, Google Apps, i-Clicker, and Panopto in faculty course instruction
  • Support faculty with use of plagiarism detection software, such as Turnitin
  • Collaborate with faculty in the design and development of learning assessments

Support for Instructional Technology

  • Provide technical support for full-time and adjunct faculty in their classroom instruction and course preparations
  • Facilitate new student technology orientation
  • Schedule technical support "tabling" hours to ensure personal computing environment supports exam software (ExamSoft)
  • Ensure faculty have thoroughly tested access to their local and networked printers

The Department of Faculty and Instructional Support empowers educators to excel in their instructional practices and scholarship, and equips them to enhance the rigor and overall effectiveness of the law school's legal training and education of students, in demonstrated achievement of accreditation standards.