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Explore the World with Pepperdine

Traveling the world with Pepperdine is a cherished tradition. Ranked #2 in the nation, roughly 81% of students study abroad during their time as a Wave. So, as you start thinking about globe-trotting with IP, read more to learn why Seaver students believe studying abroad is worth it. You can also check out the recording of our NSO webinar to learn more about all that IP has to offer.

Experience a New Culture

Studying abroad exposes you to different cultures and perspectives. It's not like a short vacation, where you might squeeze in a couple excursions before your flight home. Instead, you get a chance to slow down and appreciate all the new experiences that are often just a walk or train ride away. As you develop your everyday routines and encounter locals in your abroad location, it will help broaden your sense of global awareness.

"Everything is so easily accessible.The metro can take you anywhere or you can easily walk or bike."

- Derek Pinto, Shanghai Academic Year 2019-20

Join a Close-Knit Community

Your learning environment makes all the difference. To ensure that you have the support you need before, during, and after your experience abroad, we directly manage all of our own programs and facilities. With our living-learning format, you'll be part of a close-knit community of faculty, staff, and peers who will challenge you to grow every step of the way. Between your classes, group meals, educational field trips, convos, and program traditions, you will cultivate a once-in-a-lifetime Pepperdine experience.

"My favorite memory abroad was the countless nights that I got to spend with my friends whether they would be in Heidelberg or in another country; self reflecting and growing meaningful relationships."
- Aaron Lee, Heidelberg Academic Year 2019-20

A group of five IP students huddle together

Develop Important Life Skills

Studying abroad in college is a great way to open yourself up to new experiences. And you'll have a chance to build some great life skills along the way. Even before you reach your destination, you might apply for your first (or second) passport, build a personal budget, or apply for a student leadership position. Then, once you reach your abroad campus, there will be unique opportunities for personal development. Time and time again our students return from abroad with increased self-confidence, resiliency, independence, and adaptability. Perhaps the most important skill you'll develop along the way is adaptability. You will discover ways to acclimate yourself to all the surprising (and sometimes challenging) things that can happen during your abroad experience.

"The most surprising thing was just how much I grew as a person. It sounds cliche but I used to be someone who could never do things alone. I had a hard time being independent, but the great tube network of London left no excuse for me not to go explore on my own, and I'm so glad I did."
- Emma Navarro, London Academic Year 2019-2020

three girls pose on their car while studying abroad

Learn a New Language (with Real Life Practice)

Think of studying abroad like an immersive language course. When you're not in classes, you'll have countless opportunities to practice conversing with locals, even if it's a little awkward at first. With effort (and a little patience), you'll be able to reach new heights in your cultural awareness and language fluency.

"My favorite academic part of the program was having the ability to take French while abroad in a French-speaking area. It not only makes it easier to learn, but exponentially easier to use!"
- Zach Tyler, Lausanne Academic Year 2019-2020

Strengthen Your Career Options

Our program offerings allow you to gain professional experience before you go out into the real world. You can complete an internship in places such as Washington D.C., Lausanne, and London. Whether you're looking for hands-on experience during the academic year or summer, we help you through the whole process. We provide workshops on researching internships, resume writing, and in-person and virtual interviews. Not to mention, you will be joining a vast network of Pepperdine alum who can connect you to the job, fellowship or grad school of your dreams.

DC students

"Brian and Harper continued to surprise me with career simulations, guest speakers from different fields, field trips, and good food. The amount of effort and thought that goes behind each activity is evident, and I can confidently say that my time is D.C. has helped me figure how to move forward after graduation. I feel prepared."

- Diana Inguito, Washington, D.C. Spring 2020


Ready to take the next step? IP Applications open August 17! Check out our next post, which covers how to choose an IP program.