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How to Apply for an International Program

Huzzah! You've done your research, planned out your classes, sought out advice, and now you're ready to apply!

Exactly how do you do this? Read on and be enlightened.

What are we looking for? 

The IP Admissions Committee looks at a variety of factors when selecting applicants, including incoming and current GPA, application short answer, essay and video questions (if required), interview (if required), and campus citizenship.

You also must:

  • Be a current Pepperdine student*
  • Have completed 30 college units or two semesters by the program start date
  • Have a 2.5 cumulative Pepperdine GPA
  • Not be on academic or disciplinary probation

*Students enrolled at Pepperdine with a spring start date should also apply now!

Step One: Complete Your Online Application

Go to your Student Center in WaveNet and click "International Programs" under "Popular Links." Scroll through the list and (carefully) select your first choice program and term. You'll have an opportunity to indicate alternate programs later on.

The specific details of the application varies by program, but you'll likely be asked to provide some personal data information, and answer short answer, essay, and video questions. Detailed, program specific instructions are available here. Wondering what a video question is and how to answer it? Check out our handy dandy instructions and sample video here.

If an interview is required for your program, you'll be directed to schedule it if necessary.

Ranking Your Top 6 Programs and Terms

You have the opportunity to be considered for multiple programs and terms.* You will indicate your preferences by ranking up to six program and term choices. If you are only interested in one program, only select that one. If you are interested in two of the programs, select those two. If you are interested in three of the programs, select those three... and so on. You will be considered for all of the programs that you indicate on your application. You will first be considered for your first choice program. If you are not selected, you will be considered for your second choice, etc. If you do not want to be considered for a program, do not list it. If you are NOT accepted into any of the programs you list, you will be placed on the waitlist for your first choice program and term. Please double check your selections as it is not possible to change your ranking after submitting your IP application.

Please note that if you are interested in applying for both academic year, fall or spring programs and summer programs, you must fill out one application for your academic year, fall or spring programs and one application for your summer program.

*Faculty-led, specialty and language intensive summer programs require an interview and a separate application, so those programs won't be available as alternate choices.

Additional Opportunities 

If you're applying for a scholarship or to be a Global Fellow you'll need to fill out a separate application as well––be sure to do that before the priority deadline to ensure you can get all your decisions on the same day.

Complete your application, and hit submit! Now you're ready for…

Step Two: Connect with the Faculty-in-Residence

Interviews are not mandatory for all of our programs - see the chart below to find out if it's required for yours. Even if you're not required to interview, we strongly encourage you to connect with the Faculty-in-Residence or Faculty Director leading your program. You can schedule an appointment by emailing them directly. 

Programs Requiring Interviews

Program Type Interview Required?
Academic Year 2023-24, Fall Only 2023, Spring Only 2024 No
Summer Campus-Based GE Programs No
Summer Language Programs (i.e. Madrid Upper Division Spanish) Yes
Summer Internship Programs Yes
Summer Faculty-Led Programs (i.e. Uganda, Fiji, Japan) Yes
Summer Specialty Programs (i.e. Heidelberg Music) Yes, plus Audition

If an interview is required, you'll be given instructions on how to schedule it as part of your IP application. Be sure to write down the date and time of your interview! If you forget what time you selected, feel free to contact your Faculty Director or Faculty-in-Residence. If you need to change your interview time, or if you're off campus and need to schedule a phone call or video chat, email your Faculty-in-Residence directly. Remember, your application is not complete until your interview is done!

A few interview tips: Be on time! Dress nicely. Ask questions at the end. And be yourself!

Step Three: Refresh Your Email

 Remember that this process is competitive, and your first-choice program may not be in the cards. It is a really good idea to have a few alternate programs in mind. Keep an eye out for important communications from our office (and make sure you don't have any email blocking software activated), which could impact your chances of admission.

Seaver student Olivia Belda standing beside an elephant

An elephant never remove email blocking software!

Other Admissions FAQs

Can I apply for more than one program at a time?

You can rank up to 6 programs and terms in order of your preference. See above for more info.

When are applications due, and when do I find out?

Check our Calendar page for exact dates and deadlines. The priority application deadline is at the end of September, and priority decisions are sent in mid-October. Students typically have about 7-10 days to sign a contract committing to their program once they have been admitted.

After the priority deadline, we will send out rolling admissions about once every two weeks. Keep in mind that some programs may no longer accept applications after the priority deadline due to space constraints.

What if I don't get in?

Our goal is for all qualified applicants to go abroad. Our blog post on decision day covers what to do if your first choice isn't possible.

What if I do get in?

Hooray! See our blog post on preparing to study abroad for info on your next steps.

That's it! Remember that you can always contact the IP Office for more info.