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Intern Away with Pepperdine

Want to gain some professional experience before you go out into the real world? Curious about a specific industry or type of work? Need to fulfill your internship requirement for your major or minor? International Programs offers several internship programs throughout the summer and even during the year!

Which programs offer internships?

Academic Year Opportunities

During the fall and spring semesters, you can complete an internship while also taking GEs in Washington, D.C.

Students can also apply for the DC+ program, which means that during your sophomore year you choose to attend an abroad location for one semester and the Washington, D.C. location for the other semester.

The Pepperdine Global Fellows program offers select students the chance to spend a year abroad at one of our global campuses and then a semester in DC during their junior or senior year.

Summer Opportunities

Summer opportunities vary each year. Explore our current programs to learn more about what's offered next summer. In the past, students have completed GEs and worked part-time in London, England; and Washington, D.C.  For students with strong foreign language skills, opportunities are occasionally available for students to do internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florence, Italy; and Heidelberg, Germany.

Interning at a global organization is a great way to prepare for your career.

Which year is the best for an internship?

Any year is a great year for an internship, but most students say that the summer between either sophomore and junior year, or between junior and senior year is the ideal time. It gives you an opportunity to test out a profession that may interest you.

How do I actually secure the internship?

Interning at our Abroad Locations

For the Lausanne French Internship Program, and London Internship Program, students are paired with in-country internship opportunities based on their qualifications. Participants must provide their resume and cover letters, and may need to interview with potential employers. Our local program staff facilitates placements for students with both organizations we have worked with in the past, as well as new employers who are looking for summer interns. Internship placements are based on mutual agreement between the employer, IP staff and student.

Interning in Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., students apply for and select their own internships with help from IP staff in Malibu as well as our staff in D.C. Students get help crafting their resumes and cover letters and our DC staff shares internship opportunities with students on a weekly basis.

Washington, D.C. Interns

What types of internships are available?

There are different opportunities in different locations influenced by the dominant industries of that area, but there are also unique offerings at each location.

London often has opportunities in fashion, marketing, public relations, and many other areas.

In Washington, D.C., the city is your oyster! You can find more than just policy-related internships. There are tons of international nonprofits and corporations based in the city, and you can even find internships in management, communication, and finance.

If you're interested in finding an internship in a different area than those listed above, we're always happy to explore the possibilities - just talk to the IP Office!

Can I take classes during my internship?

Yes! You will participate in an internship course as a part of the program, and most programs offer GE courses in addition to internship opportunities. Make sure that you discuss this in your interview with an IP staff member, as taking classes can sometimes change the internship opportunities available to you.

How do I know if the internship will count toward my major or minor?

Talk to your major advisor to see if your major or minor requires an internship before you apply. If if does, you may need to talk to OneStop after you complete the course to make sure that the course you take abroad, which may have a different name than the one required by your major or minor, satisfies the course listed on your DAR. These are fancy words to say: make sure your major or minor internship course disappears from your DAR's list of remaining requirements.

How do I apply for the internship programs through IP?

For more information on how to apply and upcoming deadlines, please check out our blog post on the application process or review the application instructions on our website.