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person pointing at map with camera, passport, laptop and sunglasses

How to Prep Your Passport

Are you excited to be on your way to a new place every weekend? Well, your ticket to every country is your passport! Read on to understand how to prep your passport for your upcoming travels.

Prepare to Go Abroad

Prepare to Go Abroad in Six Steps

Congratulations - you’re going abroad! Now what? Follow these six steps to prepare to go abroad with Pepperdine’s International Programs.

IP Decision Day

Decision Day

You’ve been patiently waiting for almost a month, and decision day is finally here! Whether you got your first choice or you’re on the waitlist, read on to learn what to do next.

Which courses should you register for before you go abroad? Read on to find out.

Preparing for Malibu Spring Registration Before Studying Abroad

Now that you know where you’re going, how do you plan ahead? Read on to learn more about how to plan your Freshman Spring schedule to set you up for success abroad.

Interning Abroad

Intern Abroad with Pepperdine

Curious about internship opportunities at one of our seven locations? Read on to learn the ins-and-outs of our world class internship programs.

Seaver students enjoying the sunset in Santorini, Greece

How to Choose a Pepperdine Study Abroad Program

Pasta or pretzels? Presidents or pandas? Choosing a study abroad program is no easy task. These tips from the International Programs Office will help you get started.

Seaver students observing the architecture in Florence, Italy

How to Apply for an International Program

Applications to study abroad open August 31! Read on to master the art of the IP application.

Seaver IP ambassador outside Shanghai, China

Meet Your IP Ambassadors

Yoda and Luke. Dumbledore and Harry. Everyone needs a mentor, and when it comes to going abroad, your IP Ambassador is your go-to for questions big and small. Meet the 2018-19 IP Ambassadors and find out what they say is the best kept secret about their program.