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Meet Your 2022-23 IP Ambassadors

Everyone needs a mentor––someone to ask their burning questions and to give them a reality check when things get rough. Your International Programs ambassadors are here to do just that! Feel free to email them to hear more about their program and get your questions answered.

Introducing the 2022-2023 IP Ambassadors:


Jacey Hoy, Lead Ambassador

Program: Lead Ambassador
Name: Jacey Hoy

Seaver student, RJ Wicks

Program: Washington, D.C.
Name: RJ Wicks

Seaver student and London ambassador, Beth Gonzalez

Program: London, United Kingdom
Name: Beth Gonzales

Seaver student and Switzerland ambassador Drew Nelson

Program: Switzerland
Name: Drew Nelson

Heidelberg Ambassador and Seaver College student Autumn Johnson

Program: Heidelberg, Germany
Name: Autumn Johnson
Email: autumn.johnson@pepperdine.ed

Seaver student and Florence, Italy ambassador, Melanie Tadros

Program: Florence, Italy
Name: Melanie Tadros

Seaver student and Buenos Aires ambassador, Emme Phillips

Program: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Name: Emme Phillips

Seaver student and Global Fellows ambassador, Charlotte Davis

Program: Global Fellows
Name: Charlotte Davis