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Registering for the Courses You Will Take Abroad

With registration quickly approaching, you may be curious as to how you actually register for your classes. Or, did you already register? If you’re asking that question, the answer is no. So read on to learn how to register for your IP classes!

IP Myths, Busted!!

6 Myths about Studying Abroad with Pepperdine

Don’t let these IP Myths stop you from taking advantage of all Pepperdine International Programs has to offer. Busted!!

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How to Connect with the IP Office Virtually

Have questions about the application process? The different programs we offer? How to access cost information? We’ve got you covered! Even though the IP team is working from home this semester, we are still here to help you with any questions you may have about going abroad.

Which courses should you register for before you go abroad? Read on to find out.

Which Courses Should I Take Before Studying Abroad?

Planning to study abroad, but not sure which courses to choose? Read on to learn more about how to plan your schedule to set yourself up for success.