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Meet Your 2020-21 IP Ambassadors

Everyone needs a mentor––someone to ask their burning questions and to give them a reality check when things get rough. Your International Programs ambassadors are here to do just that! Check out this video to learn more about the IP Ambassadors and their favorite memories from abroad. Feel free to email them or stop by the IP office during their coffee hours to hear more about the program and get your questions answered.

Introducing the 2020-2021 IP Ambassadors:

Seaver student Marcia Orellana

Program: Washington, D.C.
Name: Marcia Orellana
Best-kept secret about your program: "The D.C. program puts the same amount of effort into working and studying as having fun! The program is amazing at creating all types of connections with a variety of industries, but it also welcomes so many cultures and ethnicities with diverse festivals and restaurants. This creates a variety of options for a typical evening. One can spend a night at a roof-top concert in the Kennedy Center, attend an embassy themed dinner party, see the monuments and some museums at night, compete in games to win the floor cup, attend sporting events or even just hang out with some friends in the new secret igloo and watch movies on the terrace of the D.C. facility. The week-long EFTs are always very relaxing and adventurous making it the best time to have fun and break away from all the stress. This makes D.C. not only a time for self-growth but also a time for entertainment! Just ask our best-kept secret, our undercover CIA agent that lives in the shadows of the second floor."

Seaver student and London ambassador, Sawatomo Yamakawa

Program: London, United Kingdom
Name: Sawatomo Yamakawa
Best-kept secret about your program: "The Picadilly Circus. Known as the British version of the Times Square, the Picadilly Circus is in the middle of everything! Within walking distance, there is Chinatown, the West End, Soho, Buckingham Palace... the list is endless. From cute little Instagrammable coffee shops to traditional British pubs, this area is the perfect place to immerse yourself in rich and diverse British culture."

Seaver student and Lausanne, Switzerland ambassador Emily Stephens

Program: Lausanne, Switzerland
Name: Emily Stephens
Best-kept secret about your program: "While traveling outside of the city is fun, there are many adventures to be had right in Lausanne! The farmer's/flea market by the cathedral every week is the perfect place to grab some warm croissants and funky souvenirs. You can also take a short walk down to Lake Geneva where there are breathtaking views and a diving platform where you can jump in and swim with your friends!"

Heidelberg Ambassador and Seaver College student Lauren Whittington

Program: Heidelberg, Germany
Name: Lauren Whittington
Best-kept secret about your program: "The walk to class! Not only do you get some great views of the Heidelberg castle and several beautiful churches, you also get some great time for either personal introspection on your abroad experience or fun conversations with new friends. My daily walk made Heidelberg feel like home, and I often saw the same locals each morning."

Seaver student and Florence, Italy ambassador, Piper Wright

Program: Florence, Italy
Name: Piper Wright
Best-kept secret about your program: "I think the best kept secret about IP Florence is that the culture of the program and house is completely up to you and your peers! Because of the way Elizabeth encouraged us to give our input about what we wanted or needed to change, I was so comfortable I felt like I was living in my own house. That wasn't something I was expecting and it definitely shaped my experience in Florence."

Seaver student and Buenos Aires ambassador, Callie Mechelke

Program: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Name: Callie Mechelke
Best-kept secret about your program: "Of the many best-kept secrets in the Buenos Aires program, one of my favorites is the rooftop of Casa Holden. Our school house (which we call "the Casa") is in a beautiful neighborhood littered with cafes, tall trees and cobblestone streets. Yes, the pool and library are fun to hang around, but my favorite part of our Casa is the open rooftop. It is home to a ping pong table, lots of chairs and sweet, sunny open space; it is an area to find community or fresh air to rest and admire the surrounding city. Many jam sessions, ping pong tournaments and good good chats were held on that roof. It truly is one of the best gems in our beloved school house and holds an irreplaceable spot in my heart."