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Fire Alarm

In case the fire alarm in Moore Haus suddenly goes off:

1. Check which smoke detector number is shown on the display before pressing the second button from the left on the control panel, NOT the "Reset" button, but rather the button which displays a crossed out horn.

2. This button will silence the alarm for three minutes and at the same time confirm (or show, if that was not the case yet) which smoke detector module initiated the alarm. During these three minutes, take the binder which is on the floor at the foot of the control panel and look for the smoke detector number in the list. Each individual smoke detector number is also written on the smoke detector itself. Since there is a logical progression of numbers throughout the house, this will also help find the right smoke detector.

3. If there is fire or smoke in the area of the smoke detector, call the Fire Department (112).

4. If there is no fire or smoke in the area of the smoke detector, press the "Reset" button until the alarm stops.

5. The Program Assistant or Director will then call "Fire Check" during office hours the following weekday to mention the incident and ask them to come and ascertain what set off the fire alarm.