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Life in Heidelberg

Language Partners

  • "Being part of the Pepperdine language program has been extremely rewarding. I didn't just learn the language better, but discovered so many interesting things about the American people and their culture. Still, the best thing would have to be that I met so many great people and made friends for a lifetime."
    Eva Weber, Universität Heidelberg (HCA)
    "Having a language partner was such an incredible opportunity, and a crucial part of my abroad experience. It was so amazing to have a German friend my age to not only practice the language with but also talk about topics spanning from cultural differences to favorite T.V. shows and hobbies. Sometimes my partner Eva and I would watch American T.V. together in German when we hung out, which was super fun and also helpful with learning the language! Usually we met up at least once every week either somewhere on Hauptstraße or the Universität Heidelberg cafeteria, but no matter what we did it was always so much fun! I am so grateful for this lifelong friend."
    Hannah Patterson, Pepperdine University
    • If you would like to know more about being a language partner or if you would like to sign up for a language partner, please contact Academic Coordinator Christina Wuttke .


Museums and Galleries

  • The Art Association- Heidelberg

Founded in 1869, the Heidelberger Kunstverein is one of the largest and oldest art organizations in Germany. One of the main focuses of the organization is to support ... read more.

  • Bonsai Museum Heidelberg

The Bonsai Museum opened in 1985 as the first museum of its kind. It currently displays around 100 trees from all over the world. In addition to the exhibits inside, ... read more.

  • Cajeth House Museum

"Primitive art in the 20th century". That is what can be found in the Cajeth House Museum. This unique collection of artwork is comprised of paintings that won't ... read more.

  • Carl Bosch Museum

Professor, technician, chemist, director of BASF and IG Farben, and Nobel Prize winner (1931). This was Carl Bosch. On the grounds of his villa, in the building that ... read more.

  • German Sinti and Roma Cultural Center

The Sinti and Roma peoples, (commonly but incorrectly referred to as Gypsies), are two of the many minorities that live in Europe. The cultural center in Heidelberg ... read more.

  • Ethnographical Museum

Founded in 1919, the Ethnographical Museum has both permanent and rotating collections comprised of arts and ethnographical objects from Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. ... read more.

  • Friedrich Ebert Memorial

Friedrich Ebert was the son of a tailor who, in 1920, became the first democratically elected president of Germany. His memorial, which is located in the house where he ... read more.

  • German Museum of Packaging

Ever wonder what the original UHU glue packaging looked like? Curious as to how Pelican ink acquired its name? Well, wonder no more. The German Museum of Packaging ... read more.

  • Museum of Ecclesiastical Arts

This unique museum is located inside the Church of the Jesuits. A collection of ecclesiastical art from the 17th -19th centuries, it contains sculptures, liturgical ... read more.

  • Museum of Ancient Art

The Museum of Ancient Art, part of the University of Heidelberg, is the largest archaeological collection in a German University. The collection contains two areas ... read more.

  • Museum of the Palatinate

The main focus of the Museum of the Palatinate, located in the Morass Palace, is the history of the Palatinate region and the city of Heidelberg. The collections in the ... read more.

  • The Prinzhorn Collection

While working in Heidelberg at the psychiatric hospital, Hans Prinzhorn grew the existing collection of patients' artwork. By the time he published his book in 1922, ... read more.



  • Breakfast/Brunch
  • Coffee/Cafe
    • Café Knösel - Untere Straße 37, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 7272754
    • Emma Café-Bar - Hauptstraße 129, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 6535726
  • Lunch/Dinner Take-away
    • Dynastie - Bergheimer Straße 1A, 69115 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 602528
      Chipotle-style served Asian food. Try their delicious Chicken Chow Min!
    • Gino's Pizzeria - Hauptstraße 113, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 27319
      More than just serving delicious and inexpensive pizza, Gino's serves a great Gino's Kebap Spezial!
    • Kebap Haus - Hauptstraße 173, 69117 Heidelberg
      A short walk down the Hauptstraße will take you to one of Heidelberg's best places for
      Döner Kebaps!
    • Sahara - Hauptstraße 167, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 6595853
      Sahara is another Heidelberg favorite, with their Schwarma wraps being the most popular attraction!
  • Special Treats
    • Chocolaterie Yilliy - Haspelgasse 7, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 6599364
    • Chocolaterie St. Anna No 1 - St. Anna Gasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg
      T: 06221 4340087
      Chocolaterie St. Anna is best known for their delectable handmade chocolates.
      The heiße Schokolade won't dissapoint either!
    • Gelato Go - Hauptstraße 100, 69117 Heidelberg
      Located right down the street from the classrooms, Gelato Go is where Heidelbergers go for their gelato fix. Make sure to get some gelato before it's gone in the winter time!
    • Lindt - Marktplatz 3, 69117 Heidelberg
      Try the hot chocolate, made of steamed milk and your choice of liquid chocolate – milk, dark, or white. You might even get a truffle or two with your drink!
  • Local Restaurants


Hostels and Hotels